Mobistealth Review

Technology is extending its realm every minute. Till now we have been benefiting from various technological inventions. Mobile phones have been one of the most avant-garde inventions in the field of telecommunication and have been a great blessing for the mankind.  At present, you cannot think of a world without mobile phones. Besides serving as an excellent communication tool, mobile phones are being used for manifold services.

While mobile phones have been evolved as an essential instrument imparting innumerable comforts to all the users, they also have a negative side. Crooks use them for harassing and threatening and also indulge in sending obscene text messages. Gullible children generally fall prey to all these acts and get into troubles. To help parents safeguard their children at all times, mobile phone monitoring applications have been introduced in the market. Mobistealth is one such acclaimed mobile monitoring software that takes care of the monitoring needs of the parents and employers who are concerned about their business.

About Mobistealth

Mobistealth is a potent cell phone monitoring application that lets you secretly monitor all the cell phone activities of your kids, spouse and employees effectively. Once you install the software onto the mobile phones that you desire to track, the software starts working instantly and sends out the tracked data to your user account held online. As the software works in a stealth mode, the mobile phone user will not come to know that he or she has been monitored. Mobistealth mobile monitoring software is compatible on all widely used cell phone models such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Mobile phones. The monitoring software is offered as two different versions namely Mobistealth Light Version and Mobilestealth Pro Version. 

Features of Mobistealth Light Version

Once you register with Mobistealth for the light version, you will get the access to download the software and install it on the target phone. All the activities of the target mobile are tracked and passed onto the corporate servers hosted by Mobistealth. The users can retrieve the data through an internet based control panel using the subscribed ID and password provided during the purchase of the software. The light version is capable of tracking call details, contact info, SMS sent and received, web browsing history and GPS tracking.

List of Light Features

Call history logs– This feature lets you track all the calls received and made in the target phone. The user can also have the mobile number of the caller.

Contact info – The user can view all the contact numbers stored in the phone memory through this feature.

SMS logs – The text messages sent and received are transmitted to the user account which can be later read through the control panel.

Web browsing history logs – This feature lets you view all the sites visited by the user which in turn lets you look out for any inappropriate site visited.

GPS tracking – This is one effective Mobistealth feature which notifies you the location of the phone as well as the user.

The light version is offered in different price ranges according to the period of license chosen like 3 months license, 6 months license or 12 months license. 

Features of Mobistealth Pro Version

Mobistealth Pro Version entails all the features provided under light version and additionally includes classy features like listening to live surroundings of the target phone, recording facility, images and video logging and WhatsApp messenger logging. The Mobistealth pro features facilitate the users to know the every bit of movements and actions of the suspect in a secretive manner.

List of Pro Features

Listen to and record the live surroundings – This advanced feature enables the user listen in to the live surroundings of the target user and records the same. This helps the user receive minute details of the suspect and take actions accordingly. The exclusivity of this feature is that you can trigger it during any time of the day.

Record calls discretely – This feature enables the user to record the conversations held in the target phone stealthily and listen to it any time later logging into the online account.

Images and video logging – The images/videos saved in the phone memory are uploaded to the user’s online account for a later scrutiny.

WhatsApp messenger logging – This feature comes useful if your suspect owns an iPhone which lets you view all the chats carried out with this app.
Similar to the light version, Mobistealth Pro Version is also offered at different price ranges according to the license period subscribed by the users.

Ancillary Features of Pro Version

In count to the basic cell phone tracking features, the Pro version also offer some ancillary features like reverse phone lookup, safe communication, remote phone wipe and SIM change alert.

Reverse phone lookup – Notifies you the phone number of the stranger. This feature comes as a part of software purchase and is offered at no cost; whereas other spy apps offer this feature individually for some dollars.

Safe communication - Ensures safe and unbreakable user account which never lets your data open.

Remote phone wipe – In case the target phone is lost or stolen you can wipe the data remotely.

SIM change alert – Alerts if the suspect changes his/her SIM. Information about the new SIM is as well passed on.

With all the above sophisticated and appealing features, Mobistealth allows you stay updated of the activities of your spouse, children, employees or your family members.

Mobistealth’s All-Inclusive Computer Monitoring Software

Mobistealth has included this software in its wings with the interest to help parents and employees who frantically desires to protect their kids and business from falling into wrong hands. The computer monitoring software entails solicitous surveillance features to secretly monitor all the computing activities. At the minimal cost of $0.50/day one can enjoy benefits like:

  • Instant download and installation
  • Save children from cyber crimes and internet threats
  • Know your employees interests and enhance the trade
  • Stay without worries
Money Refund Policy

Mobistealth offers a 15 day money back policy. If the users are not satisfied with any of the goods bought from Mobistealth, the users can return it within the policy period and claim refund.

Mobistealth Updates and Support

Mobistealth notifies the customers through its official website about the latest improvisations with respect to software/phone compatibility. The customer support is available 24/7 and the users can get in touch with the company for any kind of technical and purchase related queries.


Mobistealth has only one suggestion to all its customers who have set their mind to buy the mobile monitoring application. Mobistealth suggests that the users check whether the target phone is compatible with the software before they purchase it. Users can check the list of compatible phones in the official website and accordingly place order. Once the order is placed, the user is provided with the software download link and instructions via email.